Twitter – the quest for ‘appiness

Once upon a time I used to think a twitter app could never be anything more than a disappointing version of Twitter on a mobile device. I had tried a number of different apps in the Play Store and after making my way through the decidedly mediocre official Twitter app and numerous third-party apps none of which really met requirements, I landed on Tweetcaster. It was nothing more than adequate and sufficed for a while, but even that didn’t really give me what I wanted. After a couple of buggy updates I moved on and switched to Echofon in the vain hope it would fit the bill. But alas, that didn’t work out either and we parted ways after a couple of months.

After so many relationships had come and gone I was left distraught, wandering the wilds of the twitter app forest, lost, alone, and forlorn. Was it me? Was I the problem? Was I too demanding, too ready to criticise, too quick to move on? I asked myself this and more in the moments of self reflection that came with each and every change of twitter apps.

No! I concluded. It wasn’t me. I wasn’t the problem. My demands weren’t unreasonable, they weren’t unachievable. It wasn’t me, it was them. I had been forsaken by the twitter app developers. My hope and dreams of a clean, simple, and stylish app through which to interact with the twittering masses was entirely reasonable, but they simply couldn’t or wouldn’t deliver.

And so I struggled on, yet I knew the end was nigh. I was twitter-malnourished, overcome with a sickness brought on by all those substandard apps, my hope fading, my will to continue near depleted.

And then I saw it!

A lonely figure on the horizon. Was it a mirage, a vision brought on by months and years of despair? No, surely not. It was real, it had to be! I know not why, but in that instant, in that fleeting glimpse, I felt renewed. A rushed towards it with such speed and strength I feared for my own safety. Yet still I continued. I had to see if it was real.

And so through much toil and perseverance I reached it. I knew in that moment, my heart’s desire had been fulfilled. I rejoiced and basked in it’s glory. I could not keep the tears from my eyes, nor the smile spreading across my face. At last, after all this time I had found it!!!

The Talon for Twitter app – it was real and it was everything I had dreamed and more.

A simple, aesthetically pleasing Twitter app with a developer who genuinely seemed to care about the quality of his app and the experience of his users. It wasn’t free, but was well worth the couple of quid it cost in the Play Store.

The app was glorious with a whole host of different personalisation options from themes to notification choices. A simple selection of twitter actions available with a simple swipe of the left hand slider. The option to add multiple Twitter accounts (at least until it ran out of credits – shame on you Twitter for continuing with that nonsense!). The option to quickly post using the arrow send button right there on bottom right of the screen. It had it all!

Oh what a glorious app it was, and still is, for even though it ran out of credits many moons ago, the developers (who started out as students and do this in their spare time) keep the updates coming! That’s right. They haven’t simply abandoned their previous users simply because they can’t get any more token, oh no, they still issue regular updates to improve the app! Other devs should take note!

But, alas, having enjoyed some good times together, my phone received its updates to Android lollipop and the old ‘Halo’ Talon app began to look and feel slightly dated. Not bad, but just not quite up to the standards of a lot of newer apps through no fault of the devs, it’s just the price of progress.

It was therefore with a heavy heart that I decided to put my beloved Talon app aside (reserved now for my non-lollipop devices) and renewed my search for the perfect Twitter app to match my lollipop needs.

Luckily I didn’t need to venture far because those incredible chaps over at Klinker apps had a new, updated version of Talon ready and waiting for lollipop users! And how glorious it is! For a mere £3.18, it offers even more personalisation choices, a slick and simple interface, and the same fluid user experience.

For those of you who don’t have any experience of the Talon app, my sympathies go out to you, and rather than posting a series of screenshots I have instead decided to let the guys over at Klinker show you what you’ve been missing.

See! The simplicity, the fluidity and ease of use, the style and quality are all there, packaged into a neat little Twitter app. As someone who dislikes almost everything about Material Design (it looks like a cross between regurgitated skittles and fisherprice) Lollipop Talon has managed to make it the least offensive it has ever been!

As for functionality, those of you that follow me will know I’m not a heavy tweeter. I dabble when the occasion takes me, but that has happened more and more frequently since I started my journey with the ‘Halo’ Talon app, and will accelerate even more now that I have updated to the new Lollipop app.

The sidebar sweeps out at the flick of a finger, with all the necessary selections including Home, Mentions, DMs, Retweets, Favourite tweets and many more all easily accessible. To make things ever more user friendly, Home, Mentions and DMs are all accessible with quick swipes left and right on the main screen.

The settings are easy to navigate, the choices and personalisations are more numerous than ever. Tweets, links and pictures are beautifully displayed in the smooth interface without any clutter obscuring the view – the new tweet icon disappears when navigating through your main timeline, and reappears when you stop navigating.

It looks great. It works great. It is great!

And so we come to the end of my journey. It has been fraught with danger. It has been strewn with disappointment and abandonment. It has been a trial of the head and the heart that has driven me to despair and provoked existential crisis the likes of which I have never, nor hopefully will ever experience again!

But now…now I can finally rest in my quest for the perfect twitter app, because I have, at last, found Talon.



Source: Google Play, Klinker Apps


Ash is a technophile and Tolkienite at heart and has read the Silmarillion more than once – yes really, he’s one of those – with an enjoyment of the wider Sci-Fi and fantasy genres amongst others! When not engaged in hobbity pursuits, he is an avid gamer and movie watcher, and has had an affinity with all things technological and some things sporty.

10 thoughts on “Twitter – the quest for ‘appiness

  • 17th July 2015 at 10:32

    This “article” has so much useless fluff!

    Seven paragraphs before i find any actual information about the app. It then blabbers on about a previous version of the app before, unsurprisingly, revealing its been updated to lollipop.

    The previous version link doesn’t work now since the app has been unpublished.

    • 17th July 2015 at 13:49

      I like the fluff, although I don’t agree with Talon. I prefer the Twitter app.

    • 17th July 2015 at 13:52

      Geek Power would like to thank you for your feedback and constructive criticism. We’ll look into getting that link working. Currently we’re just bunch of mates doing this in our spare time and i’m sure we’ll improve, but until we have more experience, please bear with us.

      I know I’ve spoken to you before on Gizmodo and i’m not sure if you’re in our g+ community or not, but thanks for coming an looking at our Blog, even is it isn’t quite up to speed and the high standard that we hope to achieve in the future.

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