Xbox One to PC streaming now available

In yet another move to get a share of the market, Microsoft have recently announced that they will let anyone with a Windows 10 stream from an Xbox One to a PC. This seems to be one of those logical moves that should have happened from day one along with backward compatibility.

Xbox One To PC Streaming

Xbox One and Windows 10 PC owners will be able to pair their devices over a local network, with the promise of remote streaming becoming available in a near future (just like Sony already does). Some of the new features will include chatting with streaming friends and sharing screenshots and clips of the game locally.

What’s in it for Me

You may ask yourself, “Why do I care about this?”. Well there are a few reasons but the most convenient one is that you could have people in your house watch normal TV shows and movies, while you can be in the other room helping Arkham’s Knight clean the city and its surrounding areas.

Soon, Very Soon

Windows 10 will be officially out on the 29th of July and anyone with a legit copy of Windows 7 or higher will be able to upgrade for free. Although before you upgrade, I suggest reading a bit about it here and later Jassen’s soon to be published follow up on his hands-on experience with Microsoft’s new OS.


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