Xbox Xtravaganza – sale starts today!!! Updated

For any of you bright sparks who were sensible enough to lay down your dosh on the best console of this generation, heck, the best games machine in the history of the universe, Microsoft have a real treat for you this summer.

Not only do you have the pleasure of using the most premium of premium hardware! Not only do you get the most complete console OS since ever!! Not only do you get not one but TWO games free with Xbox Live Gold !!! Not only do you get to enjoy all of EA’s best games for a mere £3.99 a month!!!! But now, you get to nourish your gaming souls and lighten your wallets by partaking in some Xciting bargains!!!!! Over 70 games will have up to 40-50% off with Xbox Live Gold members enjoying further discounts!

While we still await the full games and price list for the UK, here is a list of some of the discounts you could be enjoying:

Wowsers bowsers Masterchief! Looks like there are some pretty good bargains in there – Far Cry 4, Mortal Kombat X, The Telltale Collection and the Xcellent Shadow of Mordor to name but a few. Don’t forget to top up your Xbox Live Gold  membership and get in before the sale closes on 13 July 2015 to ensure you can take full advantage of some of these Xtraordinary deals or you’ll be left with with the bitter feeling of disappoint and despair all those poor PS4 and Wii U owners have at not having access to these super deals!


**Update – the full list of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games available at reduced prices is now up here.**

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