Star Wars: Art Awakens In a Gallery Far, Far away

Star Wars: The Force Awakens isn’t due to hit our screens until 18th December this year, but to whet your appetite you should head over to the Art Awakens website and browse the fan art being uploaded to enter into their competition.

You see, the chaps over at Gallery 1988 are hosting a joint competition with Lucasfilm whereby fans can submit their own Star Wars art with the hopes of being chosen as winners and flown out to LA to attend the opening of the collection.


All original pieces will then be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to  to Star Wars: Force for Change which benefits UNICEF Kid Power.

Unfortunately the competition rules are very exact about only accepting entries from North America, so you won’t be able to enter, but it is well worth having a flick through.

Not all of the entries are awesome, but many of them are, in fact some are just downright amazing and many take their inspiration from BB-8, the new Android on the block!

With a mixture of styles and abilities, you will easily get lost browsing for quite some time, I did!

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