Canadian politician’s election video is the best ever

The party political broadcast has long been a staple of British TV. A great excuse to pop to the loo or to put the kettle on rather than listen to some lying git talk about how they care for the people of this country and promise them whatever they want after the election in return for granting them political power. Some countries have it even worse, with the individual representatives making their case to you while their opponents launch smear campaigns and attack ads.

One politician has risen above all of this with an election video which dispenses with all of the usual bullshit in favour of batshit insanity. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Canada’s Wyatt Scott.

In the interest of political balance lets look at some of his actions in the above video in a even handed way

Action Pro Anti
Riding a giant goose Is eco friendly, no car, bus or train for him. Even bicycles use resources and cause pollution. Wants to enslave animals to do his bidding, this is clearly evil.
Kills a dragon Is strong on defence matters. Will protect Canada from these fire breathing monsters. Unfeelingly slaughters endangered species. When did you last see a dragon in the wild? Well there’s one less now.
Fist bumps alien Is down with peoples of all colours and races, Even if the colour is green and the race is non-human He, for one, welcomes our new alien overlords.
Destroys robot with laser vision Protecting Canada from giant robots i s also saving Canada Billions in defence spending by doing it all himself. Removes mankinds last hope of stopping his rise to power.

So there you have it, Wyatt Scott is either the savior of mankind or an evil dictator in the making. Canadians will have to make up their minds before October the 19th, lets hope for all of our sakes they make the right decision.


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