Your chance to quiz Sneaky Zebra’s Nick Acott

If there is one part of geekdom that has really taken off in the last few years it’s been cosplay. Part of that is because the cosplayers themselves have really upped their game, using 3D printing and other tech to make better and better costumes and part of it is the fact that cosplay has gotten a lot more positive publicity in the mainstream media. A lot of this is thanks to the brilliant showcasing work of people like the UK’s Sneaky Zebra. If you have no idea what I’m talking about just watch the below video shot at the recent London Film and Comic Con.

As well as these showcases the Sneaky Zebra team of Gary Scullion and Nick Acott also do parody shorts and fan films all based around your favourite film/tv/comic book characters like this one featuring Darth Vader doing a Blu-Ray voiceover.

Personally I’m a big fan of their work and since I know Nick in a tangential fashion I thought it would be great for us to do an interview with him. This lead to my second thought, while I have a long and ever growing list of questions, wouldn’t it be cool to ask our readers if they have anything they wanted to ask. So go ahead, either pop your question in the comments or email it to and if it makes it past quality control I’ll add it to the list. I should note that I am not guaranteeing Nick will answer your question (especially if it’s “what’s the name/address/phone number of that hot cosplayer in your video”) but if you ask something interesting (that doesn’t make you sound like a creepy stalker) your chances are pretty good.

I give you a week from today to get your questions in, then we’ll all have to wait for Nick to find time between his many projects to answer them. Hopefully we’ll see you back here with the answers shortly.

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  • 17th August 2015 at 08:28

    Have you ever had a cosplayer get upset because you didn’t want to film them? Also, have you ever seen two cosplayer said wig the same costume fright over whose is the best where it got very physical?

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