First ‘cyber-flashing’ case surfaces

We’ve had cyber-sex, we’ve had cyber-bullying. You can’t go more than a day without hearing about some sort of cyber-crime and now there’s one more to add to the ranks; cyber-flashing.

Lorraine Crighton-Smith, 34, has reported receiving indecent images on the tube to the British Transport Police. The pictures were received via AirDrop – the iPhone service which allows iOS fans to transfer content easily between two devices. Poor Lorraine has left hers on after sharing content with a friend and – as a result – was subjected to two penises.

The BTP stated that they had dealt with incidents involving Bluetooth before but that AirDrop was a new one. No doubt some less discerning publications will turn this into an enormous drama in a ratings-based effort to drum up hysteria.

By default, AirDrop will only allow content to be received from your contacts so the iPhone users among you don’t need to worry right away about being inundated with penis snaps. Just remember to turn off the ‘Everyone’ option if you ever use it!

Source: BBC

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