Nextbit – Former Google employees set to take on the big boys

Nextbit – You’ve probably never heard of them and, if you have, it’s as the developers of Baton, a system for allowing a user to transfer work seamlessly between Android devices. But now this small group of former Google, Apple, Amazon & HTC employees are looking to go the whole hog and release their own phone.

You have to say that launching a new smartphone, even one that’s going to be based on stock android, is a risky move right now. Microsoft have pretty much thrown in the towel , Blackberry continue to die slowly and even established Android OEMs like HTC and young turks like oneplus are having problems. Even the mighty Samsung is seeing profits drop, leaving only Apple making big bucks in the industry.

So given all this doom and gloom, what will Nextbit’s currently unnamed device bring to the table?  Tom Moss, who worked on the Android team up to 2010 said “It’s going to be friggin’ awesome”. He claims that the phone will actually get better over time, due to continuing improvements to the OS “Your phone will perform better over time and function at a higher level because of this software enhancement”. This sounds a lot like a promise of regular updates similar to cyanogenmod or its more commercial arm Cyanogen OS and indeed Nextbit has worked with them previously with Baton.

On the hardware side, Nextbit are being very cagey and no details of the phones Specs are known at this time. Their ace in the hole in this department may be former Senior Vice President of Design and User Experience at HTC Scott Coyle, one of the key designers behind the HTC One and the M9, but how exactly he’s going to produce something with a high wow factor while remaining within the $300-$400 price range Nextbit are targeting is anybody’s guess.

OnePlus tried and succeeded for a while, at least with their first phone, succeeding largely on word of mouth and generated hysteria, but that’s not going to work long term especially with large numbers of Chinese manufacturers starting to enter the quality end of the market after years of refining really cheap but capable phones at the bottom end.

And they’ll be competing with the likes of Motorola with it’s Moto G and 2 Moto X’s and 2 Nexus phones too. It’s going to be a tough ride, that’s for sure. If you’re interested go sign up for updates at their website and wait for September the 1st, when we all get to see if it is indeed “friggin’ awesome” or just another also-ran.

Source: CNET Image source: Nextbit


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