Rumour: Android Pay launching at McDonald’s this week?

Whilst Apple Pay gave many iPhone users a different way to pay for fries with their burgers nearly a year ago in the USA, there is mounting excitement over two rumours that have surfaced recently, both indicating that Google’s variant of the system, Android Pay could be live within the USA in the next few days and that McDonald’s will be one of their launch partners!

Rumoured memo showing imminent Android Pay launch!
Rumoured memo showing imminent Android Pay launch!

The internal memo circulated to McDonald’s ‘Managers and Crew’ seen above specifically mentions that ‘Android Pay begins August 26’ and that ‘Service procedures are the same as with Apply(sic) Pay’. Poorly written memos aside, it does also mention Samsung Pay being ready for August 21, which hasn’t quite worked out, considering the official launch will be on September 28!

Before passing off this rumour though, another of McDonald’s memos has surfaced on Reddit, which looks a lot more official and gives the rumour a bit more credence, however it does mention the same dates for both Android Pay and Samsung Pay as the first rumoured memo. You can see the memo which surfaced on Reddit below, here:

A second rumoured memo has appeared on Reddit!
A second rumoured memo has appeared on Reddit!

Whatever happens, it is safe to assume that we can expect Android Pay to arrive along with the Android Marshmallow release and, if we’re really lucky, as early as this week!  With over 14,000 restaurants along in the USA, and nearly 35,000 worldwide, having McDonald’s as a launch partner will be an excellent testing ground for Google, as McDonald’s have already established themselves all over the place within fairly easy reach of people who want to try buying a Big Mac with their phones.  One thing that is for certain is that for Android users using flagship devices without NFC inside, it might be worth considering an upgrade!

Source: Android Police


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