ZNAPS! Ahhhh! Saviour of your USB

/to the tune of Flash by Queen
I think we can all agree that sounded better in my head.

So you’ve read Darrell Jones’ article and decided that you really need a reversible microUSB cable before USB Type C is released.

Are you sure?
Personally, my money is going on this; something which frankly should have been available long before now.


ZNAPS is MagSafe™, but for your USB cable.

Reversible, yank proof, supporting charging and data transfer as well as minimal effort to connect the cable without even looking.




Take an ordinary microUSB cable (or Lightning, they’re not prejudiced), add their adaptor to the end, plug the receiver into your device and connect the two without the need for fiddling to line up plug and socket.


Oh, and as they’ve passed the $2 million mark, they’re supporting USB Type-C as well, and already have the hardware working with the Macbook Air.
Next stop, MFi certification (you Apple users are expensive!)

Source: Kickstarter


Classified. No, seriously. Well maybe not quite that seriously, but definitely seriously enough that ... [redacted]

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