Android Wear now works with iPhones

One of the greatest things about Android Wear is the sheer variety of watches you can get, lots of different shapes (Ok 3, square, rectangular and circular) and sizes. Obviously the number of phones it works with is also more impressive than those of a certain fruit monikered companies (Apple you fool, not Blackberry).

In fact all those Apple phones that work with the Apple Watch will now work with Android Wear following the release of the Android Wear for iOS app. Before you get too excited there are a few limitations. Firstly only Google Apps will work with the watch, so you can’t use say, runkeeper, even if they built in support to their iOS app. This is most likely a result of the very closed off an compartmentalised way iOS works, while it’s better at sharing than it was, it’s still not up to Android levels.

Secondly, the App only officially works with the LG Watch Urbane, though Google says all future Android Wear watches will support it. Unofficially, people have been saying it works fine on many other devices including the G Watch R and Moto 360, so it looks like Google is just covering it’s bases with this statement.

Obviously, due to the App Store rules, Apple has to have approved this, so maybe Relations between Apple and Google are thawing a bit, which would be nice.

Source: Google Blog


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