Apple confirms what we already knew, they’re just in it for the money

Apple’s big Autumn event was the usual mixture of self congratulation and discussion of its latest tech releases in terms that might make the credulous think that the very gods had descended from the heavens to bestow their holy magic to mere mortals. But to anyone with half a brain and more than a superficial knowledge of tech, the main thing that was apparent was that Apple is no longer a company of innovation but one of imitation, just releasing its own spin on existing products, safe in the knowledge that millions will buy them and think they are somehow at the bleeding edge of technology. Let’s take a walk through the Garden of Betrayal shall we.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

This one was utterly expected at least. It’s an S year so that always means last years phone rehashed with a bit of a spec boost.  Surprising nobody, Apple stuck to the plan.

Apple WatchOS 2

Another tiny spec bump and a few different colour options for watches and bands. Whoop.

The Microsoft Surface The iPad Pro

As Steve Jobs is famously known to have said (quoting Picasso) ““Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” Well the great artists at Apple have (almost) run out of things to copy from Android, so have now decided to pinch from Microsoft. The theft is so blatant I really don’t need to say anymore. Just see this cartoon from 2012


The New Apple TV

Not so much an outright steal (from Android TV) this time, more of an awareness that consoles are more and more becoming the central media hub in the living room, so they had better bump up their little hobby product into something that can play games. The rumours were they had bigger plans but were stymied by the networks refusal to play ball.

So there you have it, nothing new, original or groundbreaking. You might say (if you were charitable) that maybe this was just a quiet year and Apple will have bigger and better things next year, but they wont, it’ll be the Iphone 7, Apple Watch 2, iPad Pro 2 and so on. Maybe they’ll find a new market to launch into, but only after someone else has already done so.

Apple’s problem – It’s all about the money

The reason for this malaise is quite simple. Apple doesn’t have anyone to compete with. While the smartphone and tablet market was young Apple and Android fought tooth and nail for customers, but after several years of this the market has settled down. Both sides have their advocates, but most people simply buy the same phone/tablet as they had last time because it’s what they are used to or because they’ve bought so much content on one platform that the cost to buy it all again on the other is a disincentive to switch and with the 2 platforms looking so similar these days, why even bother.

Because Apple have always been a company of high profit margins they know that they can do really well off of these locked in souls and they have no doubt that each year a sufficient portion of new adopters will replace those that die. In that situation, why take risks, why spend money on expensive R&D when you know that the money will keep rolling in even if you release the same thing as last year.

As one of my friends pointed out when we were discussing the sad procession of rehashed rubbish the only thing Apple has to fear is a small boy sitting in the front row who will stand up and point out the emperor has no clothes, but since Apple never lets anyone into these shows who might say stuff they don’t like, that isn’t going to happen.



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9 thoughts on “Apple confirms what we already knew, they’re just in it for the money

  • 11th September 2015 at 12:28

    It’s nothing new. Apple have been doing it for years and peeps have just believed they are the inventors. Apple very rarely invent, They Re-Invent. To be fair to them they are very good at it and they have an excellent Marketing department.

  • 11th September 2015 at 17:27

    Yeah, I’ve seen that for years. Its even sadder when you realize they take technology others pioneer, put a buzz word on it, and declare it their own invention. Remember “Retina” screens? It’s just smaller pixels and more DPI, something all screen manufacturers were working toward. It’s like watching hard drives creep up in size slowly, then the first 2 TB drive they declare is the Apple “Hyper Drive”, but it’s just a natural progression of newer tech.

    That 2012 comic though… eerie how spot on it was that Apple would eventually steal the Surface Pro and call it a iPad Pro. Same f*cking soft keyboard/screen protector, and even a stylus they’ll claim is the new Big Thing.

  • 11th September 2015 at 23:51

    OH NOES! Tech company is out to make money!
    Stop the presses!

    Of course if you look at Samsung or Microsoft you find the same thing. Technology is more a series of incremental steps rather than huge leaps. But go on hating Apple, it’s been a staple since the 90’s.

  • 30th September 2015 at 23:28

    Why would Apple be any different to anyone else.There are only two reasons for doing anything, Money or sex

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