Star Wars fans – these are the stamps you’re looking for

You might have noticed the world is going more and more Star Wars crazy as the countdown to The Force Awakens gets ever closer to zero. Certainly all of us here at Geek Power are anxiously awaiting it, even those not old enough to have seen the originals in the cinema first time around (ie everyone but me).

The latest addition to the general hysteria/merchandising bandwagon comes in the form of Britain’s very own Royal Mail who will be releasing a set of 12 Star Wars stamps featuring characters from across the series. All the Stamps feature a main character portrait with a smaller picture in the bottom right (though in the case of the Obi-Wan stamp it’s more bottom centre). Most of these Portraits feature the main character in a scene from the films but others have related characters. Han gets Chewie and Bobba Fett gets a trio of other bounty hunters. I’m sure everyone but my colleague Ash will be pleased to hear that Jar Jar Binks doesn’t feature at all.

But that’s not all. As well as the character stamps there is a special sheet of stamps featuring the iconic vehicles of Star Wars. X-wings (both Classic and new versions), Tie Fighters, AT-ATs and of course the Millennium Falcon. Feast your eyes on this below.

stamps vehicles

The stamps are available in a number of different sets including framed versions and presentation packs at several different price levels. The stamps are released on the 20th October but you can pre-order now from the Royal Mail website.

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