Three throws it’s VoLTE hat into the ring with 4G Super-Voice

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In recent years, mobile phone network, Three has come on in leaps and bounds in its overall improvement of its services, especially when it comes to strengthening its signal, where it has mitigated the problem with a strong 3G backbone around the country and the InTouch App (for Android and iOS devices) which lets you call over WiFi using your regular Three calling plan.

Three has also become one of the best value providers out there setting itself apart from other UK providers by allowing you to roam in a number of countries for free, and offer truly unlimited 3G and 4G/LTE data in its packages without penalty, however with regards to 4G/LTE, Three still hasn’t reached truly nationwide coverage, and a lot of its problems come from not being able to have the 4G/LTE signal penetrate indoor environments well enough.

Three’s VoLTE service imminent

This is where Three’s new 4G Super-Voice service comes in, which will be a two-pronged attack in their efforts to fix this issue and provide a brand new service. The 4G Super-Voice service is Three’s roll-out of their 800MHz band across support devices, which is especially important because since it operates at such a low frequency, the signal is able to not only travel further but better permeate through indoor environments to give a reliable 4G signal at high speeds. Three appear to have so much confidence in this service, that they’ll also be gradually rolling out VoLTE (Voice over LTE) capability over their 800MHz band service as well, which allows you to make and receive high quality HD calls over 4G (previously only offered by EE in the UK).

As seen in the main image, the service is due to launch from September 10th in a number of UK cities and roll out gradually across the country over the next year.  Three say that at launch they hope to have 50% of the country covered, 65% of the UK population at the end of 2015 and the rest of the country throughout 2016.  The service will also only be compatible with a small number of devices at first (LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S5), which will be available to use immediately following a software update. Support for iPhone 6 onwards will be expected shortly afterwards.

If you are a Three user, you may not be able to use the VoLTE service straight away, however, with the roll-out of the 800MHz band to the cities mentioned, you should see a stronger 4G/LTE signal within these areas.  Keep your eyes peeled on an official announcement from Three very shortly!


Source: Digital Spy Forums

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  • 8th September 2015 at 21:09

    I dont think it will make any difference to the congestion. Because the 800mhz is too weak to carry heavy data load I read, so it will only be used for VOLTE (according to what I read that is). If that’s true, then the 4G congestion wont change, because as it is now people who call while on 4G will be switched to 3G, and its still congested. So with VOLTE, the congestion will still be there. I Hope the rumour is wrong,. For me, I dont even touch 4G until 3am at night, because my 3G speed is now faster and higher than if I use 4G, that wasnt the case when 4G was released by them.

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