Burger King Black Bun ‘Halloween Whopper’

The first time I’d ever heard about a black-bun burger was when it first debuted in Japan’s own McDonald’s chains as a limited-run to promote various events and seasons.  Not only would you get the black bunned burger, but also black ‘squid ink’ sauce to go with it. Since then, we’ve had all manner of coloured bun burgers in Japan. They’ve been red, and green buns in both McDonald’s and Burger King in the East, whilst in China they’ve recently unveiled the silver bunned burger at McDonald’s.  I’ve been personally intrigued from the first moment I heard of them, much like I was when the first Panda Pops Green Cola, and Tab Clear first came out in the UK some years ago.

Upon learning that Burger King were introducing their black-bunned ‘Halloween Burger’ to the UK, I had to get my hands on it by hook or by crook. You’ve probably read the stories over the Internet showing how the burger in question has caused people to have green poop for up to a week. Instead of deterring me, this fuelled my desire for the burger even more. Perfectly themed, and timed for the occasion, if only they included the tagline ‘As scary on the way in as it is out!’

What’s it like?

Anyway, onto the burger itself…To be honest, it looks exactly like a regular Burger King whopper, but with a jet black bun for the breading. It does look very cool! Something about it reminded me of a carcinogenic piece of overly burnt toast that I half expected to disintegrate the moment I bit into it, however, I was pleasantly surprised. The texture of the breading is a LOT better than the regular breading Burger King use in their regular buns. I’ve found in recent years that when you would bite into a Whopper, other than the lettuce, tomato and relish slipping out, the breading would break apart easily like tissue paper, and then proceed to stick to your fingers. With the black bun, the breading has an ever-so-slight doughy elasticity to it, which is satisfying, as it has a stronger more solid consistency and actually holds everything included within the bun together (bar the relish which still leaks through).  I also like that the jet black colouring permeated fully into the breading, which looked very surreal midway through the eating experience.

Biting into the Whopper, the bun texture ripped apart like a good quality bun should, and the whole thing tasted exactly the same as a regular Whopper. I expected some after taste, but nope, virtually identical to the standard Burger King Whopper we all know and love, except for a light BBQ sauce that appears to be in the relish which added an even better flavour to the regular Whopper. The lettuce was crisp, the tomato juicy and fresh, and the meat well cooked and satisfyingly ‘flame-grilled’ as it’s always been. This could be the best Whopper I’ve ever had…

Actually scary inside

Minutes later, I got hit with an intense low, and I began feeling a slight burn as my stomach acids start flaring up. There was no doubt in mind that it was the burger causing this unintended side-effect.  Forget scary green poo, I wasn’t expecting this.  The feeling lasted for about a couple hours before I started to feel normal again but it’s not something I’ve seen anyone else experience, which was weird. I did read that the black-bun burger does have double the amount of ingredients of the regular bun to help create the black effect and regular taste, so combined with the possibility of it being loaded with artificial flavours and preservatives, I’m inclined to believe that this could give some enthusiastic eaters some issues when it comes to digesting it!


I guess to summarise, as with other strangely coloured experimental foods, this is purely a gimmick intended to provide something unconventional in the lead-up to Halloween – in this instance, the colour black being associated with the dark night of Halloween itself. If you do not have a particularly sensitive stomach, this could be the best Burger King Whopper you ever have as it solves the cheap bun issue that is pervasive in Burger King restaurants within the UK. But if I was affected in this way minutes after eating the burger though, you have to wonder what they really stick inside it? I’d sooner stick to more reliably tasty burgers from places like Honest Burger, or Atomic Burger, however, I did find it tastier than my recent Five Guys experience. The choice is yours!

I guess the answer you’re probably really after is ‘was it actually scary on the way out’? Judging from my experiences already, you know it was scary inside, and there were no exceptions on the way out!  I will spare you the details, so you will just have to try it for yourself to see the results.  If you’ve tried the burger yourself, or other similarly colourful weird and wonderful foods/drinks, please leave a comment below!


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