Hearthstone turns down the Warsong Commander

If you’re a Hearthstone player, you’ve come up against a Patron Warrior deck. You know the feeling, you’re up against a Warrior and a Warsong Commander appears followed by a Grim Patron. Before you know it, your low level minions are being destroyed at will and there are 5 Patrons sat on the other side of the board. If coupled with a Commanding Shout or, more likely, a Frothing berserker, your days are numbered.

Well, no more. The nefarious players implementing this tactic are going to find their Patrons without charge and therefore far less effective. Blizzard are toning down the power of the Warsong Commander; the card will now buff other minions that already have charge, but won’t grant charge itself. That’s quite a reduction.

It’s not to say that the Grim Patron isn’t still formidable or it’s not going to be possible to implement a Frothing Berserker, but it will certainly be less terminal than it is in the current metagame.

I know I’m going to be having to go back to my deck and having a big think…

Source: Hearthpwn

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