Amazon drops the price of Prime by £20

Christmas, or at least Black Friday, has come early to the UK but you’re going to have to be quick to take advantage. Between whenever you are reading this and the end of Wednesday the 18th of November Amazon has dropped the price of its prime service from £79 to £59.

The £20 saving will only apply to the first year, but I guess Amazon are betting that after a year of next day delivery (or same day if you live in London or Birmingham), access to the Prime Video and Music services, and free kindle book borrowing, you will happily fork out the extra.

Being a Prime member also puts you in the front of the line for Amazon’s Black Friday deals, although these are often a bit disappointing unless you actually need a water purifier or some exercise bands.

However, be aware of that deadline, unless you’re reading this on Thursday of course, in which case, hard luck.

Source: Amazon



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