The Hobbit: A fan’s edit

As a self-confessed Tolkien and Peter Jackson fan, I liked the Hobbit trilogy. While it didn’t quite reach the heights of the LOTR trilogy, it is certainly the second best trilogy in the fantasy genre, but even I can admit that it isn’t without its faults.

An over reliance on CGI and use of 3D are probably the worst faults from a visual perspective, but there are plenty of problems with the story, if you are a Hobbit purist.

The inclusion of a lot of superfluous material from the Lord of the Rings appendices is somewhat irksome – especially the return of the hopelessly miscast Blanchett in a horrific version of Galadriel. The desire to manufacture Azog into a major character in the story (and ruin him by making it entirely CGI) was equally irritating.

But perhaps the most ridiculous change made by Jackson was the somewhat understandable but still annoying insistence on including Legolas as a named character and the less understandable, misguided inclusion of the strange Legolas/Tauriel/Kili love triangle.

Well, if you too are looking for a purer, more Tolkien version of the Hobbit you are now in luck. The folks over a Maple Films have edited Jackson’s somewhat bloated 532 minute version down to a 247 minute edit – for the full details of exactly what has been removed, and added in, check out their list here.

While there are plans to produce a full 2-disc version of this “Tolkien” version of the films, complete with 5.1  digital surround sound, Maple Films has made a 9.8GB HD digital version available to download right now on their site, just in time to enjoy a Tolkien Christmas.

Source: Maple Films



Ash is a technophile and Tolkienite at heart and has read the Silmarillion more than once – yes really, he’s one of those – with an enjoyment of the wider Sci-Fi and fantasy genres amongst others! When not engaged in hobbity pursuits, he is an avid gamer and movie watcher, and has had an affinity with all things technological and some things sporty.

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