Titanfall 2 will have single-player story and TV series

The first Titanfall game was supposed to be a bit of a groundbreaker for Microsoft. Powered by the Azure cloud and exclusive to their consoles, it was one of the first new/current/next-gen titles that everyone got a little bit excited about.

With that, it didn’t do too badly. It looked good, played smoothly and the parkour mechanics worked really well. There was something very satisfying about crossing the map without ever touching the ground and maybe, just maybe, getting a kill or two in the process. Of course, there were the Titans themselves, too. Big, hulking and a formidable opponent for a solo pilot – they were powerful without being all-conquering, which was the idea. Given the countdown nature of their acquisition they were also available to all players and not just those who could rack up a kill-streak.

What Titanfall didn’t have was a story. There was some nonsense about a resistance and an organisation. Missions where you had to, inexplicably, attack something to rescue someone. Defectors that I didn’t understand and ‘a guy who could fly anything’. It was thin at best. Once I finished it, I had literally no idea what had happened, let alone what side I was on.

I didn’t care, it was the multi-player where the game shone. That’s why this announcement is probably not one that too many people are particularly excited by. Lead writer Jesse Stern has confirmed that there will be dedicated single-player and that the game will continue to be “grounded, dirty, human and real”. Great stuff. It looks like the new title should release before the end of March 2017. This time, there’s no exclusive; having sold 10 million copies first time round Titanfall 2 is set to reach an even bigger audience.

Titanfall TV tie-in

In addition to the game, there will be a TV series included to accompany the release. This is – potentially – even less welcome news as it would cost a crapload of money to produce a show that looks good, given the amount of CGI that’s going to be required to ensure the Titans look, well, not shit.


Source: Forbes

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2 thoughts on “Titanfall 2 will have single-player story and TV series

  • 28th February 2016 at 14:03

    multiplay would improve if most of the opposition were not bots,

    • 1st March 2016 at 15:47

      I’m not sure I agree on that. It would, admittedly, be nice to have larger teams but it’s a tough balance to strike given you could have a whole lot of titans in play at once.

      The bots help the map feel busier, which is great.

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