VTech hack and the alternatives

Online data is not 100% safe, this is not news, it is in fact the norm nowadays. So much is this statement true, that serious companies are no longer thinking if they could be hacked; They are only talking about when they will be hacked and they are preparing themselves.

VTech, the go to “safe” company for electronic gadgets that promises to expose your little one(s) only to the good side of technology was one of the latest victims of this trend, and because of how they reacted to the breach of their systems that holds sensitive customer data, some security experts are asking people to boycott the company.  We’ve decided to seek alternatives on how you could provide a similar safe environment to your offspring(s).

After looking into this issue ourselves, we have two alternative V-Tech tablet choices to suggest. One choice that is for the more technically inclined among us and the other is the choice of the more technically inclined or not that wants a hassle free set-up.

Regular Tablet with LOCX AppLOCX App on Google Play Store

One of the methods used by some of us on Geek Power is to buy a simple Android tablet and lock it down in a child safe manner. Our go-to app for this is LOCX App from the Play Store.  This will lock down tablet content on an App-level, whereby anyone that attempts to access a restricted App will need to enter a password.  This is an alternative that will often turn out cheaper than VTechs equivalent offering and you can rely on Google’s on-line data safety.

More tablet options
Access to Google’s Play Store
Access to Amazon’s app store (if desired)

Warranty not as good as Amazon’s
No protective case included

Fire Kids Edition – VTech Killer?Fire Kids Tablet on Amazon

The Fire Kids Edition is my option, for many reasons this is a winner in my opinion. No fiddling, the Fire Kids Edition requires minimum configuration, the parental controls are easy to set-up, it comes with a kid-proof case and on top of that Amazon adds a 2 year no questions asked warranty, it has external memory slot, front camera, rear camera and you can usually rely on Amazon’s on-line data safety.

Easy to configure
Easy parental control
2 year no questions asked warranty
Amazon’s app store

No Google Play Store

Final Verdict

Fire Kids Edition seems to offer just the right amount safety, functionality and price if you include the child-proof case on your calculations and the 2 year warranty.




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