Microsoft breaks its Windows Phone update promise AGAIN!

Are you a Windows Phone fan? Have you been one for a while? If so I have to say, I feel really sorry for you. Your phone comes from a major tech company which brings with it ties to the world leading brand in office software and a pretty good gaming console. Yet the platform has gained almost no traction with the public or developers, only recently winning the battle to be a distant third place when Blackberry decided to go all in on Android.

To make things worse, if you are a long term fan of Windows Phone then you will most likely have been given the shaft once by Microsoft, when it announce that no phone on WP7 would be upgraded to WP8. Well , it looks like for a lot of users now might be a time to start lubing up and bending over as history is about to repeat itself.

Conscious of what a PR disaster that last update was for it and how many of its loyal fanbase it had royally fucked off Microsoft had promised that this time would be different. All Lumia phones, it insisted, would be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile. From an outsiders point of view, this was a bold statement. Given the lowest end of the Lumia range, I was expecting some phones to only get a limited version of the full Windows 10 feature set or a version that ran so slowly as to be almost unusable, as has happened with iOS updates to Apple’s older models in the past.

But, no. Owners of some phones aren’t even getting that. Phones that were advertised as “upgradable to Windows 10 when available” have quietly had their ad copy changed without apology or promise of refund to anyone who might feel they have been swindled.

Hopefully this last might leave them open to a class action lawsuit from disgruntled owners, but I guess Microsoft is thinking here that it’s shitty sales numbers might actually work in their favour. With sales being so low, getting enough people together to file such a lawsuit might be hard and even if it happens, I’m sure Microsoft can afford to give new phones to all those who complain.

What does this mean for Windows Phone as a whole? Well pissing off a percentage of your already small user-base isn’t going to help it to survive. In all honesty it’s only Microsoft’s billions and the fact that it insists on having a presence in mobile that is keeping the OS on life support. Which is a shame, since there is nothing so wrong with it that in other hands it would not have made it a worthy challenger to the might of iOS and Android.  Unfortunately it will probably end its days in the care home for forgotten OS’s where it can talk over what could have been with Blackberry and Palm. I’m sure the attendants have its room ready and waiting.


Source: The Verge    Image Source: The Lie Detector App for Windows Phone

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