Microsoft targets Evernote users with OneNote importer tool

Have you ever been torn between a long-beloved note taking app and an up-and-coming underdog?

Have you ever been desperate to try out a new note taking app, but didn’t want to give up all your old notes?

Have you ever longed for a glorious purple app instead of a eye watering green one, but just can’t bare to manually transfer all your old notes over?

No! Well you’re in luck, because Microsoft may just have the answer to all those dreams you never had!

Microsoft have been trying to gain traction in the note taking app sector for a while now through their cross-platform OneNote app but have been somewhat limited in their success.

One of the key problems they’ve had is history. Not so much their own history but that of users, many of whom have used other apps like Evernote for years, including some users who have been “Evernoters” since they got their very first smartphone.

Who would want to switch from an app that is known and trusted, and perhaps more importantly, has all of your existing notes, to one that has none of that content? Understandably, not many people!

So now Microsoft have come up with a solution – their new OneNote importer tool. It has been specifically designed to import all of a user’s content from their Evernote account into their OneNote account, thus saving the user from having to manually transfer the content, running the two apps simultaneously, or giving up on existing notes and content.

At present, the OneNote importer tool is only available for Windows (7 or later) and works best with the Windows version of Evernote, but a version for Mac is expected to follow.

Whether this tool will be enough to convince Evernote users to switch remains to be seen, but Microsoft are certainly making a big push to gain traction in the sector, also promising free offline access and unlimited monthly uploads for OneNote users.

If you are tempted to try out the OneNote app and the new importer tool, their both available from the OneNote website .


Source: OneNote, image source: Evernote



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