New Formula 1 management sim – Motorsport Manager

Formula 1 should be a ripe, fertile ground for game developers. Fast cars, shiny future technology and glamorous locations all add up to a winning…er…formula. However, there haven’t been too many stellar entries. The Codemasters F1 series is fun, if a little shallow, and doesn’t quite capture the drama and intrigue of the sport. Enter Motorsport Manager.

Motorsport Manager is a new game in the works from the folks over at Playsport Games. You might recognise the name – there’s already an excellent mobile game of the same title available for Android and iOS. It’s this that makes the prospect more exciting – the developers and top-dog Christian West in particular are big F1 fans.

The mobile version of the game had a ‘lite’ version of all of the features that look like they’ve made their way into the full release. Driver management, development direction, sponsorship negotiations – all of these are going to be in your remit and that’s before you get to the actual racing.

There’s no official license in place here so don’t expect to be managing Lewis Hamilton as he cruises around Monaco; all of the drivers and race circuits are fictional, allowing you to create your own story. It looks set to become the Football Manager of the racing world. In fact SEGA, who publish the illustrious and successful football series, are publishing this one, which is hopefully a nod towards the sort of detail and quality we can expect. It’s the nuts and bolts of the day-to-day that should mark this title out as different. Not taking a direct role in the actual driving and instead be the figure wearing the headphones is a new and interesting approach.

Motorsport Manager will be available on PC and will likely retail for around £20. It should be out in September – I recommend you keep an eye on it!

James Oliver

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