Overwatch Master makes rubbing faces in it easier

If, like us, you’re hooked on Overwatch – the newest IP from Blizzard – then you’ll likely be after a way to show off your stats to your friends. That’s where Overwatch Master comes in. As the name suggests, Overwatch Master is a definitive repository for all things Overwatch-based.

Upon visiting the site, you’ll notice there’s a large search box at the top of the page asking you for your identifier, be in PC, PS4 or Xbox related. Once you punch it in, the site crunches the numbers and show you your stats. These are overall as well a per hero and give a great breakdown on how you’re performing. It’s the same stats that are available in the game, but more easily accessible. “So what?”, you might be thinking. The good folks over at Blizzard already thought of this and you can login over on the Overwatch site in order to see the same numbers.

I say the same numbers, but Overwatch Master does a better job of allowing for quick reference of K/D rates, accuracy and etc. for individual heroes; the layout generally is easier on the eye.

Really, the great differentiator here is that you can look up anyone, not just yourself. Even better than that, you can enter your own Gamertag followed by that of a friend to get a direct breakdown of your skills in the game. For example, the below shows myself compared to another of our authors, Ash.

Overwatch Master player comparison


What’s quite interesting about it is that it really highlights the different playstyles we both employ. Ash’s K/D rate is far higher than mine, as is the damage he deals. This is in no small part down to my tendency to do my part for the team and play as Mercy, while Ash is on the pointy end rocking Pharah.

It’s interesting to note that Blizzard have not released an API for Overwatch data so the folks at Overwatch Master are producing these stats by, presumably, magic. There’s no word on whether or not Blizzard approve of their actions or will end up shutting the whole thing down. The site doesn’t have everyone’s details at all times, they’re loaded once someone is looked up only. It’s worth taking a peek at your own stats and seeing if there are any learnings to take out of it!

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