Another iconic 90s game returns…this time, it’s Quake!

Hot on the heels of a successful return of Doom, Bethesda’s sister studio id Software is bringing back Quake!!

The new game, Quake Champions, was announced by Bethesda as part of their E3 extravaganza, alongside its debut trailer…

While the full details or the new Quake are rather sketchy at the moment, it does appear that id Software are planning for Quake Champions to be a PC specific multiplayer shooter that will feature a cast of different characters. This last bit might get some die-hards a little agitated as it certainly implies that Quake Champions may well be embracing the class based shooter stylings of the likes of Team Fortress and, more recently, Blizzard’s Overwatch.

But, these fans may well be placated somewhat by the studio’s commitment to quick gameplay as it emphasised its commitment to deliver “the speed and gameplay our longtime fans expect, while also pressing forward by introducing new gameplay opportunities with new Champions and abilities”.

Along with speedy gameplay, one of the many appealing elements of Quake has been its evolution throughout the years, moving from first-person shooter, to arena based combat, from single-player story mode to multiplayer, and back. The changes and evolution of the games throughout their history made for some of the most iconic and enjoyable games on both PC and console.

While the recent revisiting of Wolfenstein may not have been entirely successful, Bethesda’s excellent addition to the Doom franchise, including both strong single player and a surprisingly enjoyable multiplayer element, means there is some hope that id Software will manage to deliver a worthy successor to the storied and much loved franchise.

Whether Quake Champions lives up to that legacy remains to be seen. While there is still no release date available, more information has been promised during QuakeCon, which is set to take place in Dallas on August 4-7.

Source: Bethesda


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